Anil Rai Gupta

The Light Within

The Light Within

Havells Chairman Anil Rai Gupta (MBA ’92, LLD ’17) transformed a small electrical equipment company into a global powerhouse. But Anil’s impact can be seen well beyond the electric lighting, fans and appliances found in countless homes and businesses in India. Three decades ago, when Anil discovered that his father’s values-driven approach to business also informs the culture at Wake Forest, he enrolled in the school of business.

Since Anil graduated and took the helm at Havells, the company’s “corporate social responsibility policies” have been shaped by his Pro Humanitate values. Anil instituted a mid-day meal program that feeds about 60,000 Anwar district schoolchildren every day, and he launched several initiatives that address serious personal health challenges in India. His company also helps replenish natural resources through sustainability efforts like planting tens of thousands of trees near Havells manufacturing plants. At Wake Forest, we like to claim that our tradition of a holistic education inspired Anil to co-found Ashoka University, India’s only liberal arts institution.

Anil Rai Gupta received the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award.