A field study in student life

Difference is the glue that binds us together,
and every sticker collection has a story to tell.

Photography by Zack Chan (’18)

Kira Sims (’19)

Kira Sims
Steminist sticker

“Steminist — I’m a bio major, and I think it is really important to have more females interested in science. The scientific field is such a male-dominated field and we need to change that. I call myself a steminist to kind of promote that.”

Saquan Revis (’19)

Saquan Revis
Namaste sticker

“Namaste in the Buddha — how I believe in synchronism, which is a study of incorporating religions to contribute to your view of life and the way of living. I believe in interfaith, combining different aspects of religion to shape how I go about my life.”

Mike Cydylo (’17)

Mike Cydylo
Student Union sticker

“Student Union — it says a lot without saying any words. It means a lot to me. It’s been a part of my four years here at Wake, and this organization has led to all the other stickers on my laptop. We sponsor so many events around campus that it really makes up my Wake experience.”

Allison Wyner (’18)

Allison Wyner
French Broad Chocolates sticker

“French Broad Chocolates — I went to Asheville with my friends, and this store had chocolates that didn’t have nuts in them. They were so fancy and they were the best!”

Sebastian Irby (’18)

Sebastian Irby
Iron Kakes sticker

“Iron Kakes — my mom won this and my mom and I lift together. She gave it to me because what is my mom gonna do with a giant sticker that says ‘Iron Kakes’ on it? It was also the first sticker I put on my laptop.”

Chris Federici (’17)

Chris Federici
Hedera sticker

“Hedera — I’m from Philly and I play in a jazz rock band. This sticker is our logo, and we kept the leaf shape involved.”

Alejandro Arteaga (’17)

Alejandro Arteaga
Iron Man sticker

“Iron Man 70.3 Miami — last semester I got a chance to participate in my first Iron Man, which is a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride and 13.1-mile run. In order to complete the race, it takes months of preparation and discipline. The race itself was very much a spiritual and almost transcendental experience of mind over body.”

Sammy Moorin (’18)

Sammy Moorin
Consent sticker

“Consent — consent is my big thing and issue. Personally, I’ve been sexually assaulted, and it’s a really big problem and it can be solved with consent.”

Lily Morgan (’20)

Lily Morgan
Appalachian Trail sticker

“Appalachian Trail — my best friend and I went hiking with this lady who holds the record of the fastest hike of the entire Appalachian Trail. Most people do it in six months; she did it in about 47 days. Hiking with her really got me into hiking.”

Kai Chen (’19)

Kai Chen
Game of Thrones sticker

“Game of Thrones — I love the character who quotes this.”

Alisha Hartley (’18)

Alisha Hartley
Deacs Abroad

“Deacs Abroad — study abroad was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

Davis Brock (’18)

Davis Brock
Chimney Rock sticker

“Chimney Rock — it’s a really cool sticker. It’s a fun hike and the sticker itself is aesthetically interesting.”

Karly Ball (’18)

Karly Ball
The Milton quote sticker

“The Milton quote — I’m an English major and Milton is definitely one of my favorite writers. This quote talks about how you have the ability to transform any place and make it what you want it to be. If that place is really terrible, you can make it something great. It’s also about your ability to make a good place really bad if you treat it the wrong way. I’m also working on him for my honors thesis next year and exploring these themes of identity.”

Tatenda Mashanda (’17)

Tatenda Mashanda
Chelsea Football Club sticker

“Chelsea Football Club — Chelsea is my religion. Football is very important in my life – it is more than life and death; it is much more serious than that.”

Emily Aranda (’18)

Emily Aranda
Shrek sticker

“Shrek — I just really love Shrek. My lineage in DZ has a Shrek theme. For our Big Little Reveal every year, we all dressed up as characters. One year was Puss in Boots, and this year is Donkey. It’s our tradition. DZ was founded in 2005, so it’s relatively new to Wake. They picked this up and we ran with it, and Shrek is something we chose to symbolize our friendship.”

Lily Roberts (’18)

Lily Roberts
MHD sticker

“MHD — I’m from a small town outside of Boston called Marblehead. It’s a small town but it’s amazing how many people know about it. People would stop and recognize the sticker of my hometown!”

Noah Watkins (’20)

Noah Watkins
Flagstaff sticker

“Flagstaff — all of these stickers are places that I’ve been to. My idea is that once I fill up this laptop case, then I get another one and fill that one up too. Flagstaff is my favorite vacation – I got it when I was in Arizona. I’ve always wanted to go hiking since I was little. So when we were in Arizona, we visited the Grand Canyon and other national parks around there.”

Julie Moore (’18)

Julie Moore
Pawnee Forever sticker

“Pawnee Forever — I’m a big TV fan. Most of the stickers I have on my laptop are random sitcoms. I’m a nerdy person and I get really invested in my show. I’m a big binge watcher, so after I finish a show, it’s in the past. So these stickers remind me of all the memories I made with TV.”

Tre’ Ray (’17)

Tre Ray
Read Write Wake Forest sticker

“Read Write Wake Forest — I am the descendent of my ancestors who would have been killed if they read or write. Doing these two things – it is a particular form of audacity for me. The most profound professors have been black women from the English department. Dr. Angelou taught here, Donna Edwards, Melissa Harris-Perry ... There is profound history in the English department. When I came here as a freshman, I saw the Writers Hall of Fame in the library and that’s the only goal I set here.”

Lisa Thiele (’19)

Lisa Thiele
Students Helping Honduras sticker

“Students Helping Honduras – which I got when I went down on my very first trip to Honduras to help build schools.”

Danielle Mozingo (’19)
& Laura Garland (’18)

Danielle Mozingo
Laura Garland

“At Wake Radio, we always try to make it as weirdly human as possible. We make it a place where differences are accepted, individual expression. We try to embrace the parts that aren’t expressed well on the outside and put them inside here in the station. And this all ties back to the stickers. They are an element to the weirdness and individual expression. Even with the stickers being ads, we always try to pick the weirdest stickers. It’s stuff we identify with.”

Drew Finley (’19)

Drew Finley
Democracy NC sticker

“Democracy NC — I interned with Democracy North Carolina this summer. I got the chance to see what politics are like from the inside. I got to lobby at the state legislature. I got to talk with representatives and give presentations about the importance of voting.”

Jane Hardy (MS ’17)

Jane Hardy
Mystic sticker

“Mystic – my boyfriend is from there. Every sticker on this water bottle actually is a thing me and my boyfriend have done together. Putting on all the stickers – it’s silly and sentimental, but I really like it.”

Bria Johnson (’20)

Bria Johnson
It is what it is sticker

“It is what it is – you don’t need to stress over situations. My motto is all about do the best you can. Whether it is a good or bad outcome, it is what is is. Especially a bad outcome, reflect on that and start over.”

Meghan Bayne (’18)

Meghan Bayne
Good vibes only sticker

“Good vibes only — this sticker was for my writing class during freshman year. I printed off around 20 stickers and gave them to my friends. I wanted to promote a state of belief, and it’s basically about not fearing rejection and just doing it.”