Artistic Licence

Artistic Licence

Dance caught Math’s eye from across a crowded curriculum. They came from two different worlds, yet in that moment something that seemed so wrong, suddenly felt so right.

After all, it’s only natural to explore the chemistry found in cross-curricular mashups limited only by our imaginations. The Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center at Wake Forest University channels the power of the arts to provide new perspectives for traditional academia, providing students and faculty alike with creative applications to enhance learning, comprehension and practical application.

And to say it’s exciting would be an understatement.

Sure....but how does it work?

The many ways to unite the powers of academics and the arts are limited only by the imaginations of our students, faculty and administrators. It might be a series of talks interpreting a performance through the lens of Women’s and Gender Studies, Health and Exercise Science or French. It could be combining Life Drawing with Modern Dance for a semester-long collaboration, or even an in-class performance of a scene from a Spanish play to provide perspective and context for an advanced language course. It’s about bringing the best of both worlds together and embracing the interdisciplinary culture of the liberal arts to achieve deeper understanding.

Intrigued? See for yourself. Below are just a few examples of the kinds of events IPLACe facilitates.